48 Hour Film festival fun. Listen

This year I was invited to shoot this film as part of the 48 Hour film festival this year, and I was really excited to join the team with the talented director Paige Larianova, and her crew. Nominated for 7 awards in our region, the shoot was a blast and we all had a bunch of fun.

Shot on Sony A7R3 and a single hand gimbal, we needed to shot fast and fluid. That gave us the speed to get the amount of shots captured to tell this story in the 48 Hour time constraint for this competition. I captured the footage with a HLG3 profile in the BT202 colour space, which gave me a nice clean picture in the low light conditions to start from and I have to say even though I would have liked a Sony A7S2 or an Arri (anything) I was happy with what we captured. Graham our lead male and lighting guru did a fantastic job with the lighting setups.

I have to give a big shout out to the post production team, especially to Obi Wan Adobe (William) who really showed some amazing skill putting it together in the time frame available to us.

Here’s the amazing film poster from Consi who did our art direction and the graphics for the film.


I hope you enjoyed the film and I’m looking forward to working with the team again. We’re hopeful that we can develop this project a bit more and see where it leads us.

Dairy NZ and the biggest landscape print ever!

When Dairy NZ came to me with a project, it was mostly centred on a video about riparian planting, which I am really interested in, so I jumped on the chance to work with them. I learnt a lot about how small changes made even just to fencing can really relieve a lot of the problem for our waterways. However a tag on request was to capture a landscape picture for the upcoming Mystery Creek Fieldays stand to show off the beautiful countryside here in the Waikato.

So I new that this would be a big, no huge print. It would require a huge file to print from, so I would need to take a stitched panoramic photo with my Sony A7Riii camera. I put the camera on my Nodal ninja and found the ideal spot to take the pic overlooking the farm with all the aspects we needed to capture with wetland areas, a large power line running through the farm and some great hills and paddocks. I couldn’t believe all these elements of the story were right there.

The panoramic work out really well, and the detail I achieved was remarkable. On such a huge print I had to really get my nose up against the walls to get to the point of seeing pixels. Needless to say I was stoked! With some great feedback from the Diary NZ team, and the public this project was a great success.