professional photographer

Interplast - Fiji, Suva 2019 First trip for this project by Chris Hillock

I’ve been keen to work for Interpalst for a while now. It was great to get going and start creating some footage for the project.

Sitting at Auckland Airport, and thinking about all the gear that I’d packed I was well over the 23kg limit for the tickets I had, but excess baggage was paid up so all good. I try to travel light as possible, but sometimes when you’re aiming for broadcast you need to take the big guns. In this case I was packing the Canon C200, very kindly sponsored by Canon Professional Services New Zealand. It’s a fantastic piece of kit, and captures amazing footage.

More on this project to come. I’m getting used to Vlogging so these short videos will get better.

The Magic Of Theatre. by Chris Hillock

The Hamilton Operatic Society does some amazing work, and create great productions. I was very happy to come along during dress rehearsal this week to take some images of the cast from “ Princess Garden Party” that will be held at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival this weekend.

The great costumes where put together by Maggie and the team. With a dark grey mottled background and a cross light setup, these actors did a wonderful job expressing some of their characters performance. I shot with a large softbox and a snooted flash (rear left) to create some Rembrandt lighting, giving the shots depth and tension. Letting the background go dark really helps make the actors pop out, and not distract the eye.

Dairy NZ and the biggest landscape print ever! by Chris Hillock

When Dairy NZ came to me with a project, it was mostly centred on a video about riparian planting, which I am really interested in, so I jumped on the chance to work with them. I learnt a lot about how small changes made even just to fencing can really relieve a lot of the problem for our waterways. However a tag on request was to capture a landscape picture for the upcoming Mystery Creek Fieldays stand to show off the beautiful countryside here in the Waikato.

So I new that this would be a big, no huge print. It would require a huge file to print from, so I would need to take a stitched panoramic photo with my Sony A7Riii camera. I put the camera on my Nodal ninja and found the ideal spot to take the pic overlooking the farm with all the aspects we needed to capture with wetland areas, a large power line running through the farm and some great hills and paddocks. I couldn’t believe all these elements of the story were right there.

The panoramic work out really well, and the detail I achieved was remarkable. On such a huge print I had to really get my nose up against the walls to get to the point of seeing pixels. Needless to say I was stoked! With some great feedback from the Diary NZ team, and the public this project was a great success.