Interplast - Fiji, Suva 2019

I’ve been keen to work for Interplast for a while now. It was great to get going and start creating some footage for the project. After a bit of planning and talking with Interplast Deputy CEO Cameron Glover, the bones of the project and what we need to capture were set out. Cameron was keen to get going on a small trip to the Commonwealth War Memorial Hospital in Suva, Fiji. Interplast has been sending teams there for many years, and it’s a bit of a showcase of what Interplast does. Dr. Samesa Matanicake Junior, head plastics surgeon has been mentored through the Interplast program and now has started bring junior surgeons in to the plastics surgery program. This really is fantastic as this helps Fiji provide it’s own independent services and build it’s capacity to support other Pacific Island nations and their people. This was the first trip for this project and I was really excited to get stuck in and contribute capturing this story and others on the 3 day trip.

This is my first time to record a vlog and I was really nervous, but sometimes you need to push yourself. This part of the project certainly did that!

Sitting at Auckland Airport, and thinking about all the gear that I’d packed I was well over the 23kg limit for the tickets I had, but excess baggage was paid up so all good. I try to travel light as possible, but sometimes when you’re aiming for broadcast you need to take the big guns. In this case I was packing the Canon C200, very kindly sponsored by Canon Professional Services New Zealand. It’s a fantastic piece of kit, and captures amazing footage.

More on this project to come. I’m getting used to Vlogging so these short videos will get better.