48 Hour Film festival fun. Listen

This year I was invited to shoot this film as part of the 48 Hour film festival this year, and I was really excited to join the team with the talented director Paige Larianova, and her crew. Nominated for 7 awards in our region, the shoot was a blast and we all had a bunch of fun.

Shot on Sony A7R3 and a single hand gimbal, we needed to shot fast and fluid. That gave us the speed to get the amount of shots captured to tell this story in the 48 Hour time constraint for this competition. I captured the footage with a HLG3 profile in the BT202 colour space, which gave me a nice clean picture in the low light conditions to start from and I have to say even though I would have liked a Sony A7S2 or an Arri (anything) I was happy with what we captured. Graham our lead male and lighting guru did a fantastic job with the lighting setups.

I have to give a big shout out to the post production team, especially to Obi Wan Adobe (William) who really showed some amazing skill putting it together in the time frame available to us.

Here’s the amazing film poster from Consi who did our art direction and the graphics for the film.


I hope you enjoyed the film and I’m looking forward to working with the team again. We’re hopeful that we can develop this project a bit more and see where it leads us.

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 4

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 4

Day 4 and heading home.

After a busy, exhausting, but rewarding 3 days, I was able to wrap 5 stories for Interplast. When I first was given the brief from Deputy CEO Interplast Cameron Glover, I was a bit unsure that I would be able to make the requirements, however I was very happy to get all those stories captured. It gave me a lot of confidence that as a filmmaker that I’m up to the task and have the skills sets I need to make more documentaries in the future.

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 3

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 3

Day 3 has been amazing. Seeing the life changing results the team was able to achieve was mind blowing. See the smiles and joy on the patient and parents faces was unlike anything I’ve seen before in my 26 years as a photographer. Being part of the team and capturing these stories is very rewarding. I am really in awe of the skills of the surgical, physiotherapy, and speech therapy teams. Any difference I can make by sharing these stories will lead to some massive changes for those patients, their families, and their communities. Every $1000 that I can help raise will give a child a life changing procedure.

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 2

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 2

After an amazing day I was really blown away to see and meet some amazing people. There is something humbling about meeting people who work as hard and are as dedicated as the staff of the Commonwealth War Memorial Hospital. The difference they make to the lives of Fijians is fantastic. Dr. Samesa Matanicake Junior, is one of those rare people who give more than most. His efforts have made a huge difference to his patients but also for the hospital, Suva and Fiji.

Interplast - Fiji, Suva 2019

Interplast - Fiji, Suva 2019

’ve been keen to work for Interplast for a while now. It was great to get going and start creating some footage for the project. After a bit of planning and talking with Interplast Deputy CEO Cameron Glover, the bones of the project and what we need to capture was set out. Cameron was keen to get going on a small trip to the Commonwealth War Memorial Hospital in Suva, Fiji. Interplast has been sending teams there for many years, and it’s a bit of a showcase of what Interplast does. Dr. Samesa Matanicake Junior, head plastics surgeon has been mentored through the Interplast program and now has started bring junior surgeons in to the plastics surgery program. This really is fantastic as this helps Fiji provide it’s own independent services and build it’s capacity to support other Pacific Island nations and their people. This was the first trip for this project and I was really excited to get stuck in and contribute capturing this story and others on the 3 day trip.

Our community, Our Family.

With our hearts heavy my fellow Rotarians and I showed our outrage, support and love for the Boundary Road Mosque family, our family.

Attendees of the Rotary District 9930 conference show their support and grief at the tragic events on Saturday.

Attendees of the Rotary District 9930 conference show their support and grief at the tragic events on Saturday.

What’s happened on Friday does not represent my New Zealand! Not the values and morals of what it means to be a New Zealander. My thoughts are with our Muslim community, you are part of our family.#notmynewzealand

Rotary members join hands with mosque members from the Boundary Road Mosque, Hamilton.

Rotary members join hands with mosque members from the Boundary Road Mosque, Hamilton.

The Magic Of Theatre.

The Hamilton Operatic Society does some amazing work, and create great productions. I was very happy to come along during dress rehearsal this week to take some images of the cast from “ Princess Garden Party” that will be held at the Hamilton Gardens Arts Festival this weekend.

The great costumes where put together by Maggie and the team. With a dark grey mottled background and a cross light setup, these actors did a wonderful job expressing some of their characters performance. I shot with a large softbox and a snooted flash (rear left) to create some Rembrandt lighting, giving the shots depth and tension. Letting the background go dark really helps make the actors pop out, and not distract the eye.

Dairy NZ and the biggest landscape print ever!

When Dairy NZ came to me with a project, it was mostly centred on a video about riparian planting, which I am really interested in, so I jumped on the chance to work with them. I learnt a lot about how small changes made even just to fencing can really relieve a lot of the problem for our waterways. However a tag on request was to capture a landscape picture for the upcoming Mystery Creek Fieldays stand to show off the beautiful countryside here in the Waikato.

So I new that this would be a big, no huge print. It would require a huge file to print from, so I would need to take a stitched panoramic photo with my Sony A7Riii camera. I put the camera on my Nodal ninja and found the ideal spot to take the pic overlooking the farm with all the aspects we needed to capture with wetland areas, a large power line running through the farm and some great hills and paddocks. I couldn’t believe all these elements of the story were right there.

The panoramic work out really well, and the detail I achieved was remarkable. On such a huge print I had to really get my nose up against the walls to get to the point of seeing pixels. Needless to say I was stoked! With some great feedback from the Diary NZ team, and the public this project was a great success.

So long 2018 you've been a blast.

The year is coming to a close, and it's been a fun and exciting one, with one video for DairyNZ going viral with over 7 million views, it's been a bit mind blowing.

Creating an exciting documentary and some cool projects coming up for 2019 will make it a blinder of a year! Keep an eye out here for updates as things start kicking off.

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for 2019!


Misty Flicks, Waikato stories on film

If you love stories then this is a very cool event for you. This short promo skit was great fun to shoot with the very talent Chris Hanlon and Chris Williams. Thanks to director / producer Paige Larianova for the location, and the great direction for this on. Great fun, and I hope as many people can attend the screening as possible.

6pm tonight at the Lido cinema in Hamilton.

Beautiful Mapua


Traveling around this beautiful country is such a blessing, giving me a chance to recharge my batteries, refresh my eyes, and get out of my own head space.  Mapua had a break in the rain down on the new shopping and cafe area, and it's right next to the wharf.  It's such a beautiful and relaxed location.  I loved the cloud and water, the colours are fantastic.