Misty Flicks, Waikato stories on film by Chris Hillock

If you love stories then this is a very cool event for you. This short promo skit was great fun to shoot with the very talent Chris Hanlon and Chris Williams. Thanks to director / producer Paige Larianova for the location, and the great direction for this on. Great fun, and I hope as many people can attend the screening as possible.

6pm tonight at the Lido cinema in Hamilton.

The opportune moment by Chris Hillock

Sometimes it might seem like an ordinary day, your every day routine, and then you find something extraordinary. These times I like the best. Traveling home on Air New Zealand flight, I had my camera with me, and shooting with my lens up against the glass, I fell in love with the South Island, again.

Beautiful Mapua by Chris Hillock


Traveling around this beautiful country is such a blessing, giving me a chance to recharge my batteries, refresh my eyes, and get out of my own head space.  Mapua had a break in the rain down on the new shopping and cafe area, and it's right next to the wharf.  It's such a beautiful and relaxed location.  I loved the cloud and water, the colours are fantastic.

Genesis Hamilton by Chris Hillock

This project was a whole heap of fun to create.  Take one brand spanking new workspace, some flowing camera work and tricky editing and hey-presto a very dynamic way to present this beautiful building.  Good fun.

I'm very proud to have created this project, and happily enough Genesis is happy too.

New website by Chris Hillock

It's been a while since I redid the website and it's well overdue.  There are some more exciting projects coming up in the new year, and I'm very excited to bring them to you.