Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 4

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 4

Day 4 and heading home.

After a busy, exhausting, but rewarding 3 days, I was able to wrap 5 stories for Interplast. When I first was given the brief from Deputy CEO Interplast Cameron Glover, I was a bit unsure that I would be able to make the requirements, however I was very happy to get all those stories captured. It gave me a lot of confidence that as a filmmaker that I’m up to the task and have the skills sets I need to make more documentaries in the future.

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 3

Interplast Fiji, Suva 2019 Day 3

Day 3 has been amazing. Seeing the life changing results the team was able to achieve was mind blowing. See the smiles and joy on the patient and parents faces was unlike anything I’ve seen before in my 26 years as a photographer. Being part of the team and capturing these stories is very rewarding. I am really in awe of the skills of the surgical, physiotherapy, and speech therapy teams. Any difference I can make by sharing these stories will lead to some massive changes for those patients, their families, and their communities. Every $1000 that I can help raise will give a child a life changing procedure.

So long 2018 you've been a blast.

The year is coming to a close, and it's been a fun and exciting one, with one video for DairyNZ going viral with over 7 million views, it's been a bit mind blowing.

Creating an exciting documentary and some cool projects coming up for 2019 will make it a blinder of a year! Keep an eye out here for updates as things start kicking off.

Happy New Year to you all, and best wishes for 2019!


Misty Flicks, Waikato stories on film

If you love stories then this is a very cool event for you. This short promo skit was great fun to shoot with the very talent Chris Hanlon and Chris Williams. Thanks to director / producer Paige Larianova for the location, and the great direction for this on. Great fun, and I hope as many people can attend the screening as possible.

6pm tonight at the Lido cinema in Hamilton.