The most expensive commercial real estate in Hamilton! (Nai Harcourts - 17 Grantham, Hamilton. ANZ

ANZ building promotion for NAI Harcourts.

This fly/walk through was created to show of some of the most expensive office real estate in Hamilton! The views are fantastic, and a great building to shoot. The fantastic thing for this video was the rowing crews seemed to know when exactly when to pass building! That made my day.

Paterson Burn Promotional film

Paterson Burn needed a promotional film of their Anglesea branch. To highlight all their services and product in a very quick and attractive format, and easily deployed on different social media platforms.

Keeping the images following and with a great voice over, produced a polished product. Rahn the model from Stellar Management was fantastic to work with.

New Day Egg - the truth behind what it means to be free range.

Free range eggs? What does that actually mean? With this film New Day Eggs wanted to show exactly what that means here in clean green New Zealand, and on of the passionate farmers behind the successful business.

Key to this story is getting to know the farmer, who they are and why they do what they do. The power of this film relied heavily on the interview to capture the viewer and hold them for the whole story. I’m glad to say that this worked in spades.

Genesis Hamilton - a fresh start to an old building.

If' you’ve lived in Hamilton, you’ll be familiar with the old New World building on Bryce Street, and you’ll know that it stood empty for a while, until a wonderful thing was done for it.

Instead of pulling it down and building something new, Genesis Energy took the building and with care and attention created a wonderful space for it’s staff and business. To show this off they commission me to create this walk-through and show of the highlights of the open workspaces. A great feeling throughout the building and the smiles on the faces of the Genesis team really made me want to have my offices there too!

Equidays - getting a feel for a world class event.

In the Waikato, there are several expos, events and it’s hard to get the attention you might deserve. The Equidays team know that video is a very powerful, and efficient way to really reach your audience and make a connection with them.

To give them a real feel for who they are, what they do, and the spirit of an event, I used footage shot over the course of a day, with quick cuts, good music and the lovely closing from two young horse fans. The end film really does give you a wonderful feeling of the event and the day.